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As in the real world the virtual world is at the mercy of those who wish to control creativity, and freedom of speech.  Those who need to feel control, to feel power over another human being, win out with the constant threats and bullying.

The blog has been silenced.  The creativity that was held within its pages deleted forever.  A place where memories and stories flourished for a small period of time, has died.

This blog was never a place to truly hurt anyone.  It was expressions of MY PERSONAL journey. To those who think this blog was directed at them, I am sorry that you cannot see MMOB for what it was.  She has died.  You’re threats and bullying has won out.  I do hope that you have found solace in your power, solace in your censorship, and solace in your death of this aspect of creativity.  But know….that as with all forms of expression, of dissent, it is never truly silenced.

The digital blood is on your hands…..I hope this brings you great joy and happiness.  Perhaps now we can live in peace.

RIP MMOB, you will be truly missed.